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Friday, 30 January 2015
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EC Public consultation on net neutrality – 30/06/2010 Print E-mail
On June 30th, 2010 The European Commission (EC) launched a public consultation on net neutrality.

EC Vice-President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, had announced in April 2010 her intention to launch this consultation in order to take forward Europe's net neutrality debate. The consultation will feed into a EC report on net neutrality, which should be presented by the end of this year.

The consultation covers such issues as:
- whether internet providers should be allowed to adopt certain traffic management practices, prioritising one kind of internet traffic over another
- whether such traffic management practices may create problems and have unfair effects for users
- whether the level of competition between different internet service providers and the transparency requirements of the EU Regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services (Telecom Package) may be sufficient to avoid potential problems by allowing consumers' choice
- whether the EU needs to act further to ensure fairness in the internet market, or whether industry should take the lead.

The questionnaire includes 15 open questions divided into 5 sections:
1. The open internet and the end-to-end principle
2. Traffic management/discrimination
3. Market structure
4. Consumers – quality of service
5. The political, cultural and social dimension

Next step:
- September 30th, 2010: closing date of the public consultation on net neutrality
- 2010 Q4: EC report on net neutrality

To access the questionnaire, please click here.

To access the press release for this consultation, please click here.

To access the EC website page of the consultation on net neutrality, please click here.

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