About Us

The Association of European Radios (AER) is a Europe-wide trade body representing the interests of over 4,500 private/commercial radio stations across the EU28 and in Switzerland.

AER’s main objective is to develop the most suitable framework for private commercial radio activity. AER constantly follows and contributes to EU actions in the fields of media, telecommunications and private radio transmission, in order to contribute, to enrich and develop the radio sector.

Furthermore, AER intends to promote the diffusion and the use of new technologies in radio transmission.

AER encourages co-operation between its Members and with other European radio stations and associations, in order to preserve and develop freedom of speech, freedom of enterprise, private initiative and the protection of listeners.

AER is composed of commercial radio national associations and commercial radios whose target is to promote commercial and private radio broadcasters’ interests in Europe and to offer technical assistance to its Members. Today, AER is represented in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, the UK and in Switzerland (Associate Member). AER also counts Australia as a Support Member.

AER actively contributes with its presence in Brussels to the European Institutions working process. AER is currently an observer at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), and a member of the WorldDAB Forum, EASA (European Advertising Standards Alliance) and EDAA (European interactive Digital Advertising Alliance). AER is also a partner in Radiodays Europe and Future Media Lab.

AER Executive Committee

Mr. Stefan Möller (FIN), PresidentMr. Stefan Möller (FIN), President

Ms. Marianne Bugge Zederkof (DK), Vice-PresidentMs. Marianne Bugge Zederkof (DK), Vice-President

Mr. Matt Payton (UK), Vice-PresidentMr. Matt Payton (UK), Vice-President

Mr. Frederik Stucki (CH), Vice-PresidentMr. Frederik Stucki (CH), Vice-President

Ms. Julia Maier-Hauff (DE), Secretary GeneralMs. Julia Maier-Hauff (DE), Secretary General

Mr. Javier Agustí (SP), MemberMr. Javier Agustí (SP),    Member

Ms. Corinna Drumm (AT), MemberMs. Corinna Drumm (AT), Member

Ms. Lisa Ní Choisdealbha (IE), MemberMs. Lisa Ní Choisdealbha (IE), Member

Mr. Ugis Polis (lV), MemberMr. Ugis Polis (LV),           Member

Mr. Alessandro Raffaelli (IT), MemberMr. Alessandro Raffaelli (IT), Member

Mr. Alain Liberty (F),

Mr. Staffan Rosell (SE), MemberMr. Staffan Rosell (SE),   Member

Associate Member

Mr. Philippe Zahno (CH), Associate MemberMr. Philippe Zahno (CH), Associate Member

Honorary President

Mr. Alfonso Ruiz de Assin (SP), Vice-PresidentMr. Alfonso Ruiz de Assín (SP), Honorary President


For more information, please contact our office in Brussels: vincent.sneed @ aereurope.org and see here for information on the Director Regulatory Affairs and Manager of the AER office.