Association of European Radios

AER – the Association of European Radios – is the voice of commercial radios in Brussels. It is the trade body representing and defending the interests of thousands of private/commercial radio stations across Europe.

AER promotes the development of commercially-funded radio broadcasting in Europe, by ensuring a fair and sustainable economic framework for radio so it can continue to thrive.

Commercial radio is funded almost entirely by advertising, but it provides significant social and public value.  It is the most trusted medium by European citizens and reaches large audience for long periods of time with a mix of music, news, entertainment and talk.  Radio content is a well-edited and well-produced mixture of audio, which is free-to-air and free-to-access, transmitted via wired or wireless means – mainly broadcast, but also cable, satellite or online.

Radio is also part of a much wider audio market.  Growing music streaming services, podcasts and online audio platform are transforming the industry and mean that listeners have more options than ever before.  High-speed internet access and the growth of connected devices – from smartphones to smart speakers – mean that audiences can listen to almost anything at any time.  These changes bring exciting opportunities but also challenges, with radio embracing its role at the heart of this audio revolution.

AER and its members have developed a six-point plan to secure the future of radio, which it is and will be asking the European Commission and European Parliament to consider when developing its plans for radio and media over the next years.

These priorities, guiding AER’s agenda and work, cover:

  • MEDIA FREEDOM, MEDIA PLURALISM AND INDEPENDENCE: support a strong, independent and high-quality choice of media
  • ACCESS: secure future access, discoverability and findability of radio on any devices and user interfaces
  • COMPETITION: ensure a level the playing field with tech platforms and fair competition with public service broadcasters
  • COPYRIGHT: support an efficient, affordable and fair copyright regime for radio
  • ADVERTISING: prevent unnecessary advertising restrictions and strict transparency obligations
  • PROMOTION:  promote innovation and the value of Europe’s creative industries