The Estonian Broadcasting Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization that promotes national broadcasting culture and represents the interests of radio and television organizations. The union has 10 members (2 TV and radio organizations and 8 radio organizations) who pay membership fees. ERL members are broadcasters, not stations, of which one organization can have several. Practically all Estonian broadcasting organizations are concentrated in ERL. The Union participates in the law-making process. ERL-I representatives are included in the working groups that develop most of the broadcasting policies and draft laws. Framework agreements signed by ERL with the Estonian Authors’ Association, the Estonian Phonogram Producers’ Union and the Estonian Performers’ Union regarding the use of works in broadcasting stations.

CEO: Mr. Hanno Kindel

Members of the Board:

Karin Kundla
Signe the Great
Risto Rosimannus
Siim Pohlak
Hanno Sure

ADDRESS: Kirsimäe 16-2, Tänassilmä küla, 76406 Harjumaa, Saku parish, Republic of Estonia

TEL. +372 5155650

E-MAIL: hanno.kindel @