FM radio mandatory for new cars: Finnish Parliament approves change in EECC

On December 7, 2020, The Finnish Parliament approved the reform of the Electronic Communications Services Act and related laws. The amendment to the Vehicle Act secures the possibility for Finns to listen to domestic FM radio channels in the car also in the future.

The position of FM radio in new cars in Finland will receive a new kind of security with the change in the law. Article 25 of the revised Vehicle Act, which will enter into force on 21 December, stipulates that the radio receivers of new cars sold in Finland must be able to listen to FM radio.

“FM radio has a very strong position in Finnish cars, which is why it is important that the law secures the possibility for Finns to listen to domestic radio channels in new cars,” says Johanna Halkola, RadioMedia’s leading expert.

“From the point of view of the ability of Finnish radio companies to operate, it is critical that domestic radio channels are easily accessible to motorists, and in the cars where Finns want to listen to the radio to a large extent.”

The package also includes other positive reforms in the media sector, such as the deregulation of television advertising and the harmonization of obligations for domestic and international players.