The Croatian Radio Forum Association brings together top radio experts in Croatia and most popular radio stations reaching two million listeners in a country with a population of four million. It was established for the purpose of promoting, developing and advancing both the radio market and the media market and improving radio media services on the territory of through systematic radio education. Through various projects it organizes each year, the Croatian Radio Forum achieves objectives such as protection of the radio profession, promotion and development of the radio market in Croatia and preservation of the standards and protection of radio’s socially responsible role. The activities of the Association are designed to ensure systematic and joint work on the promotion of the radio medium in Croatia and respond to any challenges arising in this modern age, which is why the Croatian Radio Forum works on the development and protection of the radio market through systematic education, projects and involvement through a formal role in decision-making processes relating to the enactment of new legislation. The Association is actively involved in amendments to media legislation and other government acts intended to establish a liberal legal framework to help the progress and development of the radio industry and affect not only the media scene but also the rest of the market.

The Association also develops a network of good relations with media professionals and institutions for the purpose of advancing radio’s potentials and our relationships with regulatory, legislative and technical institutions have become a stable link in professional and public circles.

PRESIDENT:    Silvija Londero Šimleša


SECRETARY: Anita Frtalic Šulentić

MEMBERS: 7 private terrestrial radio stations, 1 company for producing and providing radio content and 1 Institute for Creative Industries

PERCENTAGE OF THE AUDIENCE: 70% of the total radio audience

PERCENTAGE OF ADVERTISING: 60% of the total radio advertising share


Avenija V. Holjevca 29

10000 Zagreb


TEL:     +385 1 66 90 600

EMAIL:   hrf @