Radio Net Media

Founded in 1998, the then called Radio NET was the first online radio in Poland. It managed to unite DJs and show hosts and was transmitted from the United States, Canada, the United Kindgom and other countries in Europe. In 2006, because of the challenges encountered to provide for a stable stream of revenue from advertising, transmission was suspended.

In 2010, CEO Michal Marcinik came up with the solution to switch commercial breaks broadcast by “regular” radio to targeted set of ads in stream. Because there was no such technology available to carry out this idea, this project had to wait until Radio Net Media Ltd was set in November 2017, which allows for innovation to be delivered to radio and the whole media market.

Radio Net Media is a more and more recognised startup with a goal to bring innovation to the streaming industry. It focuses on changing the idea of modern online radio experience to a social, collaborative, interactive and dynamic perspective.

Radio Net Media created the AdTonos platform which offers data-driven native audio advertising to radios and advertisers, as it replaces commercial break content with targeted ads changing spray-and-pray ATL ads into pay-per-play performance marketing. Advertisers, like media houses and SMB owners, have now the one and only tool to perform programmatic, native audio advertising in radio streams.

CEO and founder: Michal Marcinik

CTO and Co-founder: Mariusz Mierzejewski

CCO and Co-founder: Daniel Wichracki

CFO and Co-founder: Marcin Ostrowski

Market Development, Italy: Caterina Buslowska

Project Manager: Curtis Bradshaw

Address of the Headquarters:
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
WC2H 9JQ London, United Kingdom

Email: gaga @