AER Statement on Radioplayer

AER Statement on Radioplayer


A small but growing proportion of radio listening is now on internet connected devices. Radio needs to provide the best possible experience for listeners on these devices to help secure its future. Radioplayer provides an important way of achieving this.


1.     Radio’s online presence is vital for its future  

Radio listening online through mobile phones, smart speakers and other internet enabled devices is growing and becoming increasingly important.  In this online environment radio has to be easy to find and provide listeners with the best possible user experience. The best way to achieve this is through platforms owned and operated by the radio industry, avoiding third-party aggregators that may look to exploit their gatekeeper position.  

2.     Radioplayer – sharing technology, competing on content  

AER believes radio broadcasters need to work together wherever possible to keep radio listening simple and accessible, using a combination of broadcast and internet distribution. The Radioplayer platform provides an important way of doing this, by bringing together online radio listening at a national level and providing the opportunity for private and public broadcasters to work together, so that they can share technology but continue to compete on content. Created in 2011 in the UK, Radioplayer is now present across many European countries. Its not-for-profit model and the fact that it is owned jointly by commercial radio and public service broadcasters means that it offers a safe, secure and trusted alternative to other online aggregators.  

3.       One voice for the radio industry  

The role of Radioplayer is likely to become even more important in future.  As online listening and platforms continue to grow, so will the need for the radio industry to be able to speak with one voice with car companies, hardware manufacturers and technology platforms. Radioplayer already partners with car companies and technology platforms which want to integrate radio. It prioritises great interfaces, both visual and voice, as well as hybrid radio that switches platforms automatically between broadcast and online (particularly effective in cars).  

4.     AER’s commitments to Radioplayer  

Given the growing importance of online radio listening alongside broadcast radio, AER makes the following commitments designed to support the future growth and success of Radioplayer and the radio industry as a whole.  Specifically, AER will:

  • provide public support for Radioplayer and promote it as an option that all broadcasters should consider using at a national level
  • share information and experiences of working with Radioplayer among commercial radio operators;
  • work with Radioplayer to speak with one voice to the car industry and technology companies wherever possible, to ensure radio has a strong presence on all platforms and devices now and in the future.

  For more information, please contact Matt Payton, AER Secretary General matt.payton(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)