MPN is sponsoring AER 2019 Conference

The Musik Promotion Network (MPN) is a free research platform for music editors from the areas of radio, print, TV and internet.

The platform MPN is the easiest way for

  • finding latest releases
  • listening and downloading tracks in full length and high quality
  • sharing tracks with staff members.

The standard sampling by the major and independent labels means that the MPN stands for efficient operation and represents a real help in the editorial day-to-day.

The MPN is available for media partners via the internet at any time. All tracks can be listened to in full at any time. Further information on the artist and on new releases is also available. In addition, all tracks can be managed with the notepad or discussed online with other members of the editorial of a radio station and ordered.

For radio stations, a digital delivery of the audio files in top broadcasting quality is possible.

Agnes Chung, Senior Product Manager at MPN, says: “We live in a golden era of audio and radio plays a major role. More than 94% of the German people listen to radio. The actual variety of well-made radio programme with its sound background is very impressive. With the MPN we can support the music editors in finding new artists and releases to create a manifold music programme. I’m looking forward to meet further radio maker from all over Europe and to discuss the best way to promote new releases.”

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