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Based on presentation by Daniel Anstandig – Founder and CEO of Futuriat Radiodays Europe Prague‘s session “The next wave of radio: Exploring the power of AI and GPT technology in broadcasting” – 27 March 2023

“What if radio was created after the internet?” asked Daniel Anstandig, CEO and Co-Founder of Futuri the company behind the creation of RadioGPT, the first 100% AI-based radio station*: “It[radio] would be on-demand, personalized, highly interactive, integrated with social, and advertisers would deliver compelling, targeted promotions to captivate audiences”.

Today, an even more interesting question would be “What if radio was created after ChatGPT?”

As a result of the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, some new realisations came to Futuri’s team culturally about what AI can mean in people’s lives as a result of ChatGPT, says Anstandig. By January 2023, ChatGPT surpassed the 100 million users (it took Netflix 10 years to accomplish that level of users’ base) which means that ChatGPT is currently the fastest growing consumer internet app and it is on a trajectory to become even more popular, there will be an ‘AI revolution’ in the next 100 years (as there were an agricultural, an industrial and a computational revolution up until now) so it is time for radio to adopt the innovations this AI technology brings.

AI brings opportunities but also threats: what if people lose their jobs? Daniel Anstandig believes that  “people won’t be replaced by AI, but by people using AI”. So how exactly would the introduction of AI into radio is and will be transforming the industry, how it will make radio better and more efficient?

It is important for the radio industry to embrace and use this AI technology for competitive advantage. According to Anstandig, they have envisaged many different uses of RadioGPT in Futuri:

  • Full Local dayparts (nights, overnights, weekends): all AI-powered and all with AI DJ
  • Extend and localize personalities: national or regional shows with local cut-ins or cloned voices
  • Spec Spot: production and personalisation of commercials
  • Dynamic local service elements: weather, news, entertainment
  • Personalised stream fill.  

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