Happy World Radio Day! February 13, 2020

Radio across the world remains a strong and powerful medium, but to succeed in future it will need to tackle some significant shared challenges.

World Radio Day is a great opportunity to reflect on this and think about the future. 

Radio in Europe remains in a strong position. On average 85% of the EU population listens to radio each week, for more than 2 hours 22 minutes each day. At a time when audiences have more options and distractions than ever before these figures are impressive.

In today’s digital world, radio reaches more people than any other media platform: it is the mass medium that reaches the widest audience in the world. Be it broadcast, by cable, satellite or online, radio is widespread and available to all. It is everywhere, mobile, simple-to-use, interactive, cost-efficient and complimentary, as there are 4-5 broadcast receivers per household.

Radio employs presenters and journalists, providing trusted and accurate news to all countries, cities and remoted areas, and to diverse audiences, from all ages to all social category, thanks to a variety of radio stations.

Radio’s popularity is a reflection of its unique ability to connect people with all sorts of different content – from music and entertainment, to news and speech – in a way that is simple, free and reliable. As a result, the European Commission’s own Eurobarometer surveys have consistently found that radio is the most trusted of all media.

Today, on World Radio Day, the Association of European Radios celebrates radio, its diversity and the range of different voices from around the world, providing significant social and public value by being the most reliable and trusted medium of all.