Celebrating the resilience of radio on World Radio Day 2021

Stefan Möller, President, Association of European Radio (AER)

Based on the interview with the Croatian Radio Forum on World Radio Day 13 February 2021

The world as we know is changing. The worldwide crisis did speed up the ongoing development. Radio adapted well during the crisis even though commercial radio took a heavy hit from an economical point of view. 

Radio is a resilient medium and evolves with the changes into the new normal.

Radio is seen as a traditional medium, but radio has always listened to the winds of change.

Radio has always been keen on exploring and welcoming what is new.

Radio has smoothly moved into a hybrid medium and has met the challenges of a growing competition.

Radio is developing itself as a part of a growing audio industry.

In the new world radio will continue to be a major player in our everyday life.”

© Bernal Revert/ BR&U

The focus of this year’s World Radio Day is how radio evolves, adapts, innovate and connects in a fast-changing world. In this context, the Croatian Radio Forum interviewed AER President Stefan Möller to talk about radio’s resilience and adaptability in a world of new technologies, remaining the trusted and relevant medium for its listeners and advertisers.

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